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So why am I depressed? Am I saddened because I feel used again. I open my home to another person, someone I saw real hope in, and in the end I get screwed. I go from having a best friend with whom I can share everything openly without the fear of being judged to having no one by my side overnight. I had someone who I was going to face sobriety with and now I face it alone. I had a strong female in my house controlling her ex’s powers over her and then a second later, I have a female leaving my house going home (more…)

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Kitchen Update 1

So here’s some pics of where I am at with the kitchen.  Actually, I am farther along than the pictures show but it’s too damn early to look for the camera BUT I will take new pics sometime today.  Also realized I should’ve taken some before shots…DUMBASS! (more…)

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So I have 4 weeks off from school.  Idle hands are the devil’s playground.  Rather than risk falling back into bad habits, I’ve decided to occupy myself by giving my kitchen a complete makeover.  About a month or two ago, I dropped in new wood panel flooring.  Problem was that now the floor looked ill while the rest of the kitchen was whack. (more…)

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My GhettoBlaster’s Making Weird Noises

Alright, so after listening to the mix I spoke about earlier, even though there are mad trainwrecks, I decided to post it up. I gotta get over this “people hearing me” fear I have. The mix isn’t perfect. I lost the beat a couple of times cause I was fucking around with the effects on the mixer. Lemme know what you think.


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As of late, I have found myself gravitating more towards the sounds of Electro based tracks. I don’t know what it is but that Deep Soulful music doesn’t do it for me anymore. Maybe it’s just a phase but nowadays, I try to just go with the flow instead of fighting it, and by it I mean anything. (more…)

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This heat is unbearable. It isn’t let me do anything.

I have some new pics from a couple of finished projects and I wil upload them later today.

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